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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pseudonymous artist to debut new paintings at Hull's Thursday

Hull's Gallery One Whitney
1 Whitney Ave., New Haven, (203) 907-0320
Volonté Morceux: Forces of Nature
Oct. 22—Nov. 14, 2009.
Opening reception: Thurs., Oct. 22, 5—8 p.m.

Press release

Fait Vrai presents...

Forces of Nature: Nine New Paintings by Volonté Morceux

About the Show:

(Translated into English by Wang, the Human Unicorn)

Feeling unnaturally selected?

Is genetic modification leading to your intelligently designed extinction?? If so, Forced Adaptation camp will be just what you need....

Winged Monkeys! Human Dodos! Two-Faced Pigs! Man's tinkers. Nature fights back with the weapons left in its Evolutionary Arsenal. Bear witness to extreme biological warfare! Be warned, the crock is ticking. Better will triumph.

Consider most famous High Coup by Sun Sue:

Oh population,
Oh Man-Oh-War, Oh ruined
Racehorse named poison.
About the artist:

Volonté Morceux is a self-taught painter, internationally recognized performance artist, outspoken social critic and post-modern surrealist provocateur. Morceux was once banished from Cannes for screening provocative film strips en plein aire and for libel. He is also widely attributed with starting the new neo-fluxist revolution; however, he decries that movement as a hoax extraordinaire. The scientific establishment has lauded Forces of Nature, Morceux's first exhibition in this country, as "a powerful force of nature and a harbinger of things to come". Some critics disagree.

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Blogger Beverly Kaye said...

Boy am I glad I'm near New Haven! This is one show I will not miss! Thanks for the posting!

4:54 PM


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