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Friday, October 16, 2009

Show of prints and paintings opens at West Cove Studios Saturday

West Cove Studio & Gallery
30 Elm St., West Haven, (203) 966-9700
Lindsay Behrens & John Bent: New Prints & Paintings
Oct. 15—Nov. 5, 2009
Opening Reception: Sat., Oct. 17, 4—7 p.m. p.m.

Press release

A show of new prints and paintings by local artists John Bent and Lindsay Behrens will open at West Cove Studio & Gallery in West Haven on Saturday. The opening reception will be held from 4-7 p.m.

John Bent's Artist Statement:

In my work, I deconstruct and reassemble the human figure. Working within the framework of traditional figurative painting (portraiture and allegorical narrative paintings), collage, and abstraction, I'm interested in exploring how we construct our identity, the way the surface is used to conceal the inside and how our "insides" can sneak up, bubble forth, and remind us of the dichotomies and contradictions we all dwell in.
Lindsay Behren's Artist Statement:

Sentimentality. Nostalgia. Creating memories. Capturing beauty. Searching for comfort and happiness. Through the impermanence and grace of nature and life, art is an avenue for seeking meaning and purpose. Art makes the impermanent permanent. By internalizing reality or the imagined world, my intent is to create tangible snapshots through figures and structure. Whether creating realistic vantages or surreal environments, a void is filled through paint and print. A sense of peace or glimpse of contentment is experienced.

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