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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art Party Saturday night at New Britain Artists Cooperative

New Britain Artists Cooperative
66 West Main St., New Britain
SUPER THIEF presents: HIRE EDUCATION @ The New Britain Artists' Cooperative
Sat., Oct. 17, 2009, 7—11 p.m.

Press release

IT'S YET ANOTHER ART SHOW/ PARTY! THERE WILL BE DRINKS, FOOD, MUSIC, AND OF COURSE THE ART. IT WILL BE A FUN TIME. This Saturday night, Oct. 17, from 7—11 p.m. at the New Britain Artists Cooperative.


At the newly formed artist cooperative in New Britain, there is an eclectic group of young artists gathering. From painters to sculptors to video artists, the up-and-comers of the Hartford area are displaying their work. The New Britain Artists' Cooperative has been kind enough to host a series of Do-It-Yourself art show/parties-a chance for the young artists to display their work in an art scene that isn't very accepting of new artists.

In Connecticut, it's all about who you know and what connections you have. In order to get a show at any of the "prestigious" institutions in the Hartford or New Haven area, it comes down to one's connections. The New Britain Artists' Cooperative, along with Steve Rand, have taken it upon themselves to help these artists display their work and create a reason for them to continue working. In the vein of Warhol-esque factory parties, these shows become a venue for people to see cutting-edge art/music and have some fun at the same time-breaking down the associated pretentious stereotypes that are conjured up when one thinks of the art world. This is a declaration against the system. This is a rebirth. This is a testament by true artists.


SUPER THIEF cannot really be summed up as one thing.

The group grew out of the passions of 2 friends, Christopher Scottie Lee and Brian Hadsell, and then branched off into a network of friends.

SUPER THIEF is music production that encompasses making fun, danceable, edgy beats and hosting big or small parties.

ST is also a beacon for local artists to which they congregate and talk ideas, concepts, collaborations, creating new work, critiques and reviews of museums, galleries, shows and just the creative process. We are a bi-monthly arts and cultures magazine and e-zine trying to keep up with the current of creative energy.

We are also a brand, a fashion line for fresh designs for the casual and creative lifestyle.

As an organization, we look to promote and sponsor individuals, collectives, other groups and events that share the same passion for the arts and cultures of the untapped and raw energy of the emerging arts community of this region, especially in the college demographic.

If you want to be a part of this and help it grow please contact us immediately.

Everything we do is out of pure goodness and fun. We want to create and thrive on positive energy. We're about helping you as you help us. It's a team effort. We only succeed if we work together.

SUPER THIEF is about to blow up and get HUGE...BE A PART OF THAT AMAZING EXPLOSION and join us in this movement.

Continue doing what you do, but let's raise the bar and do it big...BIGGER with SUPER THIEF! UP HI!

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