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Saturday, September 13, 2008

White Space Gallery opening in New Haven tonight

White Space Gallery
1020 Chapel St., 2nd Floor, New Haven, (203) 495-1200
Clinton Deckert: Conjurings: Where the Surreal and Abstract Collide
Through Oct. 4, 2008
Opening reception: Sat., Sept. 13, 6—8 p.m.

Press release

White Space Gallery features the surreal works of Connecticut artist Clinton Deckert. The exhibit Conjurings: Where the Surreal and Abstract Collide runs Sept. 2 through Oct. 4 with an Opening Reception Sat., Sept. 13 from 6—8 p.m.

Deckert is influenced by the Surrealist movement, Dada and Abstract Expressionism. He draws inspiration from the artists Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, Francis Bacon and Salvador Dali. Deckert refers to his art as "Surreal Mindscapes" a merging hybrid of the Surreal and Abstract. The works are oil paintings that result from combining random abstract thoughts and surreal imagery. His technique is both exploratory and spontaneous.

"The canvas is my magic carpet and is an escape vehicle for me. I hope the viewer utilizes the liberty of their imagination and uses my paintings as a catalyst for their own daydreaming experience," says Deckert.

"The realism and detail of the artist's work is both sophisticated and whimsical with the imagination of a child and the imagery of a surrealist master," says White Space Gallery art consultant Marie Accrino.

Clinton Deckert explains one of his works. "When I started painting 'Beholder,' it started with random brush strokes, then blending and blotting of the paints. Initially it was like a primordial stew. As I worked, it began to exhibit a serpent image and a tribal-like symbol. The upper central area of the canvas seemed to take on the form of a fish, then a bird head and then to the ubiquitous eye. I had no intention to paint the eye but the image emerged no matter how many times I reworked the surface. My paintings often direct which way to go, so I followed along; resolving to its conclusion. It evolved to the point that the painting seemed to be watching me create it. Perhaps it was... "

"Deckert takes it all on-color compatibility, canvas structure, field depth, compositional nesting, classic themes and commentary. Even given days to reflect ... it is doubtful that I would be able to get to the root of the image." Leah Lopez Schmalz, Guilford Courier, 2007

Clinton Deckert lives in Southington CT. with his wife and two daughters where he maintains a home studio.


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