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Thursday, July 01, 2010

"Three Friends" show opens at Hygienic Saturday night

Hygienic Art
83 Bank St., P.O. Box 417, New London, (860) 443-8001
Three Friends/Three Visions: Photographic images of New London by Roger Christiansen, Ted Hendrickson + A. Vincent Scarano
Juy 3—31, 2010
Opening reception: Sat., July 3, 7—10 p.m.

Press release

On July 3 the Hygienic Art Galleries presents the New London Triptych, Three Friends Three Visions exhibition. In this show, three high school friends—Roger Christiansen, Ted Hendrickson and Vincent Scarano, native sons of New London—reunite to present their photographic images of New London and artistic visions of their careers. There will be an opening reception on Sat., July 3, from 7—10 p.m.

The beginnings of their photographic journeys utilizing composition and chemistry started in the neighborhoods of East New London around Connecticut College with Polaroid cameras and with Roger's father, Dr. Gordon Christiansen, head of the chemistry department at Connecticut College. They all experienced a fascination with not only the creative fun of taking photographs but the scientific processes applied to produce the images. Dr. Christiansen fascinated us with developing process and is incredible Nikon F SLR.

Eventually and individually they pursued photographic careers. Ted Hendrickson went to the University of Connecticut and R.I.S.D. and became professor of photography at Connecticut College. Roger Christiansen was the O'Neill Theater's first resident photographer and videographer, eventually turning his video skills to starting the Sundance Institute with Robert Redford, then to television directing and teaching at USC. Vincent Scarano went on to Paier College of Art and became a freelance photojournalist, garnering international publishing credits, the next resident photographer at the O'Neill Theater Center and started a commercial photography business, working in the entertainment business in music and theater.

In recent years they all thought it was significantly interesting that they pursued photographic careers. That spark so long ago had kindled into a life's pursuit. The idea of sharing an exhibition came up, looking back and looking ahead, this show was created.

The works presented in this exhibition are their images of New London past and present as developed though their individual photographic experiences. The exhibition opens at 7 p.m., Sat., on July 3 and runs through July 31 at the Hygienic Art Galleries.

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