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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Artspace shows open this Thursday evening

50 Orange St, New Haven, (203) 772-2709
Patrick Chamberlain: On Your Mark
Christina Gunderson: Pigeon
Mister Never: In Never We Trust
Michelle Levante: Bodies of Trees
Will Holub: Lucky Strike: World War II Army Air Corps Veterans
Eileen Doktorski: Artifacts of Affluence
June 8—July 17, 2010.
On Your Mark will be on display through June 26, 2010.
Public Opening: Thurs., June 10, 6—8 p.m.

Press release

Artspace announces five new solo exhibitions with works by Connecticut, New York, and California-based artists. The five exhibitions of Eileen Doktorski, Christina Gundersen, Will Holub, Michelle Levante, and Mister Never will open on Thurs., June 10 from 6-8 p.m. Common themes that emerge throughout the Artspace galleries are correlations between beauty and decay, viscera and tactility, and memory and sentiment. Patrick Chamberlain's exhibition, On Your Mark, is also on view through June 26, 2010.

Gallery 1 • Patrick Chamberlain's exhibition, On Your Mark, represents the artist's first solo show. Chamberlain's abstract paintings illuminate the gallery with hoppy colors and tangential lines and shapes.

Gallery 3 • Pigeon, by Christina Gundersen, is a site-specific installation of photographic shadows that fill the gallery with an ethereal presence and inquisitive arrangement.

Gallery 4 • In Never We Trust, by Mister Never, comments on the practices of financial institutions to produce negative capital, which is also a solid metaphor for an artist's own struggle to achieve artistic merit.

The Long Wall • Bodies of Trees, by Michelle Levante, is a series of photographic diptych images exploring mans' perverse relationship to nature, beauty, and juxtaposition. The exhibition represents the first showing of this new series of work.

Gallery 5 • Lucky Strike: World War II Army Air Corps Veterans, by Will Holub, is a series of paintings that recount the World War II era from a familial perspective and functions as testaments to the changing face of war and the global economy.

Gallery 7 • Artifacts of Affluence, by Eileen Doktorski, is a series of castings from landfill terrain, bringing the subject of waste into the light for the viewer's closer reflection.

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