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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Aerosol art" in New Haven on CWOS weekend

Artist Robert Greenberg recruited a number of local artists associated with—how do I put this properly?—the "graffiti style" to collaborate on on two projects the Saturday afternoon of Open Studios weekend. Greenberg solicited a set of office furniture from his father to be painted; the furniture is now on display in the window of the Acme Furniture building on Crown near State Street. A half dozen aerosol artists worked together to paint the desk, chair, wastebasket and cabinets in the parking lot across Crown Street from Cafe Nine. At the same time, several other artists painted a multi-panel mural on a long bolt of fabric stretched across the parking lot's wire fence.
"The idea was to take it out of the graffiti mode and make it aerosol art," Greenberg told me. "Take it out of the vandalistic sense. It's really about—if you don't attack people but rather embrace their talent."


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