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Thursday, September 06, 2007

City Gallery Nest opening on Saturday

City Gallery
994 State St., New Haven, (203) 782-2489
Sept. 8—30, 2007.
Opening reception, Sat., Sept. 8, 4—7 p.m.

Press release

City Gallery announces it first fall season exhibit titled "Nest" The theme was determined by curator Liz Pagano, a member of City Gallery and concerns ideas of the Nest, or the act of nesting. Nest is an ancient word, *ni-zd-os in Indo European, composed of the prefix *ni-"down," plus a form of the verbal root sed, "to sit". Followed by a suffix used to form nouns, *-os. Thus a *nizd-os literally means "(place where the bird) sits down."

The four artists invited to show with Pagano are Meg Bloom, a New Haven based artist and City gallery member, Howard el-Yasin, a New Haven artist and Gallery Director of ALL Gallery in New Haven, Laura Moriarty, a nationally renowned encaustic artist based in the Hudson Valley area of New York, and Colleen Tully, a New Haven artist and the founder of Pixel Pops. (A show at ALL Gallery featuring Pagano and Tully was reviewed on Connecticut Art Scene in April.)

Each artist brings a unique and personal vision using a variety of media, including but not limited to: encaustic, mixed media construction and installation. The work is a range of abstract interpretations. Each artist having his/her own focus on the idea of "NEST". All exhibit regionally, nationally and internationally.

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