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Friday, July 27, 2007

Vacation hiatus

I'll be out of state and away from Internet access (probably) for the next two weeks. So if you email me about a show or opening, please understand that I will not be posting and probably not replying to email in that time.

A note about frequency of posting: Connecticut Art Scene is something I do in my free time. I wish the posts were my frequent. However, the demands of earning income, both through my day job in Hamden (30+ hours per week) and freelance writing, and working on my own "art" (rock n roll music) limit the amount of time I can devote to the blog. Additionally, unlike a political blog, I have to take the time to go out and commune with the art. I can't just sit at home in the PJ's and pontificate. I say this not in response to complaints—I haven't gotten any, and maybe that's a bad sign—but because it is unfortunate that I can't cover all the deserving shows that are out there.

While on this topic, I'd like to add that I am interested in inviting additional writers to post on the site. Please get in touch and send me some writing samples if you are interested. And nope, there ain't no money to pay you (or me) at present. Just the glory.


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