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Thursday, October 07, 2010

CWOS Weekend 3 this Saturday, Sunday: Alternative Space and more downtown

City-Wide Open Studios
50 Orange St, New Haven, (203) 772-2709
City-Wide Open Studios
Oct. 9—10, 2010: Alternative Space (196-212 College St.), 39 Church St., 300 George St.

Press release

This past weekend, over 200 art-seekers explored New Haven's neighborhoods with City-Wide Open Studios. Artists reported heavy traffic, and roughly 50 people participated in guided bike tours led by the Devil's Gear. Saturday night also saw the return of the Artspace Underground, bringing cutting-edge performances, experimental time-based art, and 100 people to the gallery. On Sunday, several workshops and demonstrations were hosted, and visitors left with a better understanding of the creative process - and sometimes even their own creative product.

The final weekend of Oct. 9—10 marks the return of the Alternative Space, located at the Coop Center for Creativity at 196-212 College Street. This year, the Alternative Space promises more interactive, site-specific installations than ever before.

Visitors are encouraged to begin with Colin Burke's (Web) installation, a camera obscura on the second floor of the Coop Center for Creativity. A camera obscura is a darkened room in which images of the external surroundings are projected onto its walls through an extremely limited light source.

From there, visitors can stop by SERA (Social Experiments Relational Acts) Nail Salon at 206 College Street. Set in a vacant, fully-outfitted nail salon, the event examines the notion of art as service and is organized by artist Ted Efremoff. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with artists directly amid massage chairs, nail files, and more. Next door, Gene Beery (Web) and Eric Litke (Web) have created Pictures and Words, a mixed-media exhibit set in the former location of College Wines and Spirits.

At 198 College Street, visitors will find the Art of the Warrior, featuring works by several veterans. The group's collective artist statement acknowledges the profound effect of war on our veterans, and "reflects the personal rather than the political. Many of the pieces in this collection were created not with the intention of selling, but as a way to make sense of, integrate, and even transcend their experiences." At 1 p.m. on Sat., Oct. 9, veterans Lanse Dowell and Esdras Lubin will perform as a musical duo on reeds and bass, respectively.

Visitors can expect another musical performance as well. On Saturday and Sunday between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., Cris Shirley and Marion Hunt will improvise using found instruments in their installation at 202 College Street.

In addition to the 45 artists exhibiting at the Alternative Space this year, two other sites will be open to the public. 300 George Street is home to the Haskins Laboratory and several participating artists. 39 Church Street will also have its doors open.

Discounted parking is available through LA-Z parking, located at George and College. Visitors should inform the attendant that they are visiting City-Wide Open Studios; parking will be $5 on both days.

Artspace has been documenting City-Wide Open Studios with a full slate of bloggers. Check out the CWOS blog for ongoing documentation of the events as they unfold, and see City-Wide Open Studios from a few angles.

City-Wide Open Studios is presented by TD Bank, and is made possible by the support of many other sponsors, including the New Haven Advocate, Yale University, Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Alliance Bank, City of New Haven Department of Economic Development, and MacWorks LLC.

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