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Monday, March 12, 2012

Artist reception at New Haven Free Public Library this Saturday

New Haven Free Public Library Art Gallery
133 Elm St., New Haven
The Urban & Aquatic Adventures of Mickey Wolve: Paintings by Nick Grossmann
Through Mar. 31, 2012.
Artist's reception: Sat., Mar. 17, 2—4:30 p.m.

Press release

Nick Grossmann (b.1980), aka Mickey Wolve, is an artist and sculptor from Norwalk, Connecticut.

"It all started as a child (ha ha). I was really into heroes like Batman," says Nick Grossmann, alias "Mickey Wolve." " I used to make up my own evil villains and I would try to be as creative as possible as to their unique super powers. Come middle school, I was very misunderstood. I had a few good friends but was definitely part of the anti-establishment. I discovered Punk Rock at the age of fourteen and fell completely in love with the music because it was non-conformist as I was and am. I took up the hobby of writing and composing music, calling myself a troubadour and playing country/punk. Life wasn't easy. I felt like an Outlaw. I can’t look at it any other way because I didn’t know what it was like to be a 'typical' person. I still don't.

"As I got older, I remaine troubled and got into some major…let's just say some Outlaw issues that took decent, wasted chunks of time away from my life. Eventually I started getting tired of this lifestyle. I believe that when you're an artist, you are different and it's hard when you’re not accepted and a lot of us become rebels in our own way. Things changed a lot when my son Dylan came along and some friends have also changed my life as well. I came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth getting in trouble anymore. I happened to go to a Native American Indian Pow Wow just to go buy some art or crafts from them and ended up in a powerful conversation with a man there who was a Shaman and he told me that I was gonna go on a journey to find myself. Well after that, some unexplainable, mystical things happened and I became even more of a loner. I went on long hikes, meditated and played music, alone. It was really spiritual to have all that time to myself as well as to having a son. If I can say I have a spiritual belief and categorize it, it's looking out for others more then myself. I believe in helping the sick, Homeless and animals because that’s worth more to me then all the money in the world."

"One day about three years ago, out of the blue, I went to the art store and bought supplies and started painting. I did five or six oil paintings and people really loved them. I discovered I truly loved painting memories, dreams and visions on canvas. It became a huge part of my spiritual life. I dedicate much of my time to my art because I feel passionate about the arts and my paintings. My favorite color is purple and I use it a lot. I like capturing the little things in life that are absolutely breathtaking to me."

Nick Grossmann has shown his artwork at many venues, including Umbrella Arts, NYC; The Nest Arts Factory in Bridgeport; Rosie in New Canaan; the Bridgeport Arts Fest; Visions of Hope for Japan; and Caffeine in South Norwalk.

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