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Monday, January 30, 2012

Vito Pasquale photo show on view at Gallery at Still River Editions through March

The Gallery at Still River Editions
128 East Liberty St., Danbury, (203) 791-1474
Fourteen Threadless Needles: Photographs by Vito Pasquale
Through Mar. 30, 2012.

Press release

I missed posting this before this past Saturday's opening but still wanted to posat npotice of this show.

Vito Pasquale is a photographer and writer from Mount Kisco, NY. He is one of those people who, upon retiring from the full-time job he’d done in corporate America for almost thirty years, began to “peek down, as Frost would call it, 'the road not taken.'" In 2008, Pasquale returned to writing after a long hiatus, and in 2009 he began taking photographs that reflected some of the themes in his writing. His book of poetry, Fourteen Threadless Needles, was published in 2011.

Many of Pasquale’s photographs are abstracts and photo-manipulations that go beyond taking the world at face value. In his poem, "(Somewhere) After Silence (and) Before Regret," Pasquale refers to “…the surprisingly elastic properties of a dream.” The photographs dance around that dream-state in the everyday.

Pasquale says about his photographs, "I believe it is healthy to have a casual disregard for authority. In some cases it might even be necessary to have a determined disregard—please don’t tell my kids. In any case, the sky that is saturated and yellow, the off-kilter street scene, the blackened hills, the something there is that doesn’t love a happy ending, these are the approaches that I take. I believe in the pretty picture, but only if it’s very, very pretty, which means it’s probably a flower and the bloom is fading away."

Included in the show are several photographs that relate to Pasquale’s history in the Danbury area. He grew up in Mount Kisko, NY and his father worked in Danbury until 1966 at a construction company that was located near the site of the train station just up Liberty Street. Coincidentally, this is a short distance from the Gallery at Still River Editions.

The fourteen photographs are connected to poems posted online via QR codes, which viewers can scan using their smart phones, or look at online in the gallery.

by Vito Pasquale

If life
it wouldn't
have any
at all.

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I only just saw this from last year's show. . . thank you for posting it.

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