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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Saturday night opening of "Effable" at Hygienic in New London

Hygienic Art
83 Bank St., P.O. Box 417, New London, (860) 443-8001
July 2—30, 2011
Opening reception: Sat., July 2, 7—10 p.m.

Press release

Effable is a show of hard-core beauty. Bright colors and movement and texture infused with a deep sense that everything just works out. Effable will be on view July 2—30 with an opening Sat., July 2, from 7—10 p.m.

Featuring recent paintings, prints, drawings and photographs from artists: Kim Abraham, Troy Zaushny, Bart Jeczmienny, and Adam Campos.

Kim Abraham (see image above) makes bright colorful paintings incorporating acrylic, watercolor and collage. Images are shaped from her lifelong fascination with biology, evolution, and the way things naturally fall into place.

Troy Zaushny creates prints and paintings using original processes. His polyfresco paintings showcase his abilities in engraving and painting with beautiful colors, graceful lines, and a love of nature.

Bart Jeczmienny's (see image below) pen-on-paper drawings are a spontaneous expression of his imagination and memory. From a surrealistic perspective, his imagery depicts a multifaceted experience with the people he meets and the places he has been.

Adam Campos (see image below) is an artistic photographer. Because of his biology background, Adam took to photographing flowers, landscapes, and chasing around small critters with his macro lens. His favorite types of shoots are unplanned - even accidental, involving people he has just met or friends unaccustomed to having their picture taken in an artistic manner.

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