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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Artist Brian Walters discusses his work

Metal sculpting artist Brian Walters recently had a show up at the Benkhe Doherty Gallery in Washington Depot. In this YouTube video, Walters discusses his work.

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Blogger Author said...

Nice blog. Random question - don't know if you can answer it. I live in Brooklyn, am an artist and want to move. Several years ago, a writer (I didn't know) and met very briefly told me about some CT town on the water/sound that was home to "a lot of writers and artists that's close to NYC" and I think he said it was about an hour away. I forgot what this town was. It's driving me nuts and bc I am from the midwest, I am not very familiar with towns of this region.

I don't suppose you know what town fits this description? I am guessing Westport of maybe Milford? I really don't know. There must be 20 towns he could have been referring to. Thanks!

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