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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Multiple shows opening at Artspace this Thursday, March 25

50 Orange St, New Haven, (203) 772-2709
Patrick Chamberlain: On Your Mark
Lisa Dillin: Office Units: Surrogate Prototypes
Shannon Gagne: Breaking Roots
Hong Seon Jang: Rainbow Forest
Karla Knight: Life in Space
Robin Press: Memory Project I
David Barton: Artistic Syncretism: African Dream Paintings
Through May 1, 2010.
On Your Mark will be on display through June 5, 2010.
Public Opening: Thurs., Mar. 25, 6-8 p.m.
Opening for Patrick Chamberlain's On Your Mark: Thurs., Apr. 1, 6-8 p.m.

Press release

Artspace announces seven new solo exhibitions with works by Connecticut, New York, and Israeli artists. The 6 exhibitions of Lisa Dillin, Shannon Gagne, Hong Seon Jang, Karla Knight, Robin Press, and David Barton will open on Thurs., Mar. 25., from 6-8 p.m. Patrick Chamberlain's exhibition, On Your Mark, will open on Thurs., Apr. 1, 2010.

Common themes that emerge throughout the Artspace galleries are correlations between mark making and synaesthetics, conformity and spontaneity, and memory and decay.

Gallery 1 • Patrick Chamberlain's exhibition, On Your Mark, represents the artist's first solo show. Chamberlain's abstract paintings illuminate Gallery 1 with hoppy colors and tangential lines and shapes.

Gallery 2 • Office Units: Surrogate Prototypes, by Lisa Dillin, is a life size office unit that opens from below the desk and into a small cave. Dillin's work engages in the emotional consequences of living in a manmade environment and provides a sculptural reprieve into an amorphous space.

Gallery 3 • Breaking Roots, by Shannon Gagne, is a delicate installation composed of altered baby food jars, clay forms, and tree roots. Gagne explores connections between organic forms, family lineage, and human mortality.

Gallery4 • Rainbow Forest, by Hong Seon Jang, is a series of sculptures and drawings that evoke a sense of celebration and pathos in their dense materiality. Jang's works are constructed entirely from found and recycled materials.

The Long Wall • Life in Space, by Karla Knight, is an on-going series of geometrical drawings of biomorphic forms that the artist has been exploring for over 20 years. This exhibition marks the first time the series will be shown in its' entirety.

Gallery 5,6 • Memory Project I, by Robin Press, is both an audio installation and series of silk screens that investigate the mechanics of memory through the process of recording interviews with anonymous subjects and overlaying spoken word with images.

Gallery 7 • Artistic Syncretism: African Dream Paintings, by David Barton is a series of paintings based on personal descriptions of a friend (now deceased) who studied in Central Africa. His pictures are visual translations of the descriptions of pagan worship with incorporated elements of Islam and Christianity.

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