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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kaczmarek installation opens Thursday at Real Art Ways

Real Art Ways
56 Arbor St., Hartford, (860) 232-1006
Chris Kaczmarek
July 16—Sept. 13, 2009.
Opening Thurs., July 16, 6—8 p.m. during Creative Cocktail Hour

Press release

Real Art Ways opens an installation by Chris Kaczmarek. Kaczmarek juxtaposes the separate worlds of war and everyday life in America using images from security cameras installed throughout Real Art Ways. The exhibition's opening reception is on Thurs., July 16, 6—8 p.m., during Creative Cocktail Hour. Admission to the opening is $10/$5 for Real Art Ways' members. After July 16, admission to the gallery is free for members and cinema patrons, and is otherwise a $3 suggested donation.

Kaczmarek's installation will juxtapose live images of people and spaces in Real Art Ways with images from cameras taping military figurines placed discreetly throughout the space. The installation explores themes of surveillance and media representation while encouraging a heightened awareness of the viewer's environment, both immediate and globally. Ten television sets perched above the Real Art Ways cinema entrance will display the camera feeds.

Chris Kaczmarek explains his intent:

We are experiencing a mediated war right now (we see our soldiers on TV) that is not being fought in our placing the icon of the soldier in the mediated view of the viewer, I am juxtaposing the separate worlds, and then by also introducing the solider figure itself into the space itself so that they're not easily noticed, I am paralleling the reality that exists for most of those without family members in the military.
Chris Kaczmarek's work incorporates both traditional and experimental practices using a broad variety of media. He creates interactive, site-specific installations that are designed to guide the viewer towards a deeper contemplation about the environment they inhabit. Other works include performance, sound scores for the stage, multi-channel video and handmade electronic instruments.

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