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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Artspace openings tomorrow

50 Orange St, New Haven, (203) 772-2709
Upheaval: An installation by Laura Moriarty
Lovely, Dark and Deep: Photographs by Carolyn Monastra
Sculptural Installation by Steve Novick
Paintings by Zachary Keeting
Site-specific installation by Alison Owen
May 12—June 20, 2009
Opening reception: Thurs., May 14, 6—8 p.m., with artist talks at 6:30 p.m.

(Un)spoken continues in the main gallery at Artspace, Gallery 1. Five new exhibits are opening in the subsidiary galleries this Thursday.

There will be an opening reception tomorrow evening from 6—8 p.m., with artist talks beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Press release

Gallery 2 • Upheaval: An installation by Laura Moriarty

In her sculptural paintings, installations, and works on paper, Moriarty explores the relationship between art and science both aesthetically and in the creative process. Her sculptural paintings are a play on plate tectonics, where landmasses drift apart and crash together, piling one episode upon another in precarious ways.

Gallery 3 • Lovely, Dark and Deep: Photographs by Carolyn Monastra

As a landscape photographer, Monastra blends inspiration from fairy tales, myths, and the fragmentary space of dreams with her own experiences of the environment to discover and create mystery in the natural world. In contrast to the sweeping, pristine vistas of photographers such as Ansel Adams, Monastra prefers to capture the darker, enigmatic beauty of smaller, somewhat sinister worlds that exist off the beaten path.

Gallery 4 • Sculptural Installation by Steve Novick

Using a broad range of found objects and materials including rubber, plastic, cloth, wood, mirrors, paper, and paint, Novick's sculptures and installations playfully use and subvert the geometric shapes, strong colors, and "pure" abstraction of Modernism. Novick also explores humor, perception, conceptualism, and the relationship between nature and culture in his work.

Gallery 5 • Paintings by Zachary Keeting

Keeting's exuberant and prolific work in painting, drawing, and photography explores a broad range of aesthetic sensibilities, from abstraction to figuration, vivid color to shades of gray, and the organic to the geometric. Despite this formal range, all of Keeting's work intends to make his inner life tangible and to provide artifacts of time, risk, and improvisation.

Gallery 7 • Site-specific installation by Alison Owen

Owen's subtle work includes installations, paintings, drawings, and wallpaper that draw attention to peripheral spaces that are normally overlooked. For her installations, she uses simple materials such as thread, thumbtacks, and paper to slightly alter the space. For her wallpaper, Owen uses the dirt, dust, and lint she gathers while cleaning the installation site, fusing domestic labor with the installation process and creating a new environment with the almost invisible detritus of everyday life.

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