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Monday, August 13, 2012

Ronnie Rysz show opens at Real Art Ways on Thursday

Real Art Ways
56 Arbor St., Hartford, (860) 232-1006
Ronnie Rysz: Closed Circle
Aug. 16—Sept. 16, 2012.
Opening reception during Creative Cocktail Hour: Thurs., Aug. 16, 6—8 p.m. Admission is $10/$5 Real Art Ways members.

Press release from Real Art Ways

Closed Circle surveys Ronnie Rysz's examination of contemporary portraiture. This body of work combines an aggressive graphic line with florid mixed media collages, constructing pungent satires of the socially overexposed. Encased in claustrophobic compositions, these subjects compete with one another to lure the viewer into their worlds of loud, sparkling pop. Behind the confident facades of each character, inadequacies lurk and surface through the rendered noise. Rysz reveals the modern American's expectations of attention, affirmation, and adoration.

Ronnie Rysz was born in Stamford, CT in 1982. He received his BFA from Lyme Academy College of Fine Art and studied at the School of Visual Arts. During his college tenure, he served as assistant to both Master Printer James Reed of Milestone Graphics and to Mural Painter Randy Davis of Off the Wall Murals. After graduating, the artist completed a residency at the Vermont Studio Center. Rysz has taught block printing, intaglio, and lithography at Western Connecticut State University and the Center for Contemporary Printmaking, and now works as a Prosthetic Artist for Alternative Prosthetic Services, traveling across the continental U.S. to create custom silicone prosthetics for civilian and soldier alike. His artwork is featured in several public and private collections, and he participates in solo and group exhibitions nationwide. He currently lives and works in New Haven, CT.

There will be an opening reception for Closed Circle this Thurs., Aug. 16, from 6—8 p.m. during Creative Cocktail Hour. Admission is $10/$5 for Real Art Ways members.

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Monday, August 06, 2012

Reception for "Mondoexpressionism" show at New Haven Public Library Saturday

New Haven Free Public Library Art Gallery
133 Elm St., New Haven
Elisa Vegliante: Mondoexpressionism
Aug. 6—Sept. 8, 2012.
Artist's reception: Sat., Aug. 11, 2—4 p.m.

Press release from Azoth Gallery

Welcome to the world of “Mondoexpressionism” a term created by artist Elisa Vegliante that can be roughly translated as "Beyond ‘The Scream.’" Reaching for words to describe her massive, iconoclastic body of work, clichés like "poignant", "provocative" and other recycled expletives are impotent and absurd.

Arty Fields of The Patterson Review of Art notes that by “combining the expressionism of Edvard Munch with the personal visual documentation of Frida Kahlo, Vegliante’s … [oil on canvas] paintings merge elements of inner psychology with events in the material world to form a haunting, disturbing, enlightening and completely unique body of work… Her paintings vividly illustrate the psychological and philosophical underpinnings of characters and events, the spiritual motivation behind things, rather than the things themselves. Her bold and shameless paintings make for an ongoing cultural diary of Western Civilization’s mass hysteria at the breaking point.”

Vegliante also stars in husband Ace Fronton’s backyard films as the eccentric actress, Yahuba Daley, such as in the astonishing (to this viewer), feature-length "Seven Ghastly Sins." These films, like Vegliante’s paintings, are multidimensional vignettes of psycho/social commentary in motion picture format, giving voice to another facet of the artist’s boundless creativity. A sampling of these video films will be shown at the artist's reception, August 11th.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

New shows open at Silvermine on Sunday

Silvermine Guild Art Center
1037 Silvermine Rd., New Canaan, (203) 966-9700
Bob Gregson: Full Tilt
Collective Vision
Silvermine, Milestone Graphics and the American Print Renaissance, 1979-1989
Aug. 5—Sept. 16, 2012.
Opening Reception: Sun., Aug. 5, 2—4 p.m.

Press release from Silvermine Arts Center

Summer might be drawing to a close, but the new exhibits opening at the Silvermine Arts Center, located in New Canaan, CT, are in “full tilt.” Opening Aug. 5, the new exhibits at the arts center feature an all guild juried show, an historical exhibit of prints, and the first look at recent works by Robert Gregson. The new exhibits will run through Sept. 16 and all are invited to the opening reception on Sun., Aug. 5, from 2—4 p.m.

Bob Gregson is a bit of a provocateur. His new show of recent works, entitled Full Tilt, begs the question of being off-kilter or askew. The walls of the gallery are filled with plywood constructions—all or parts of which are tilted—which will visually energize the space. While Gregson’s pieces are thoughtfully planned and solidly geometric, he includes panels that can be rotated and mirrors that extend the edge of the picture plane. This is key to the creative tension. He teases the viewer into actively playing with the work by attracting them with color to turn panels or play hide and seek through the holes in his sculpture. Gregson started his career in the 1960s by creating art experiences that involved sound and projections. This evolved into games and events integrated into cities and communities. For the last 15 years he has been refining his work, making wall constructions and models for sculpture projects that challenge the boundaries between artist and viewer.

When talking about his work, Bob states, “I like to engage people in different ways. My work is a conversation between me and the people who experience it. The ambiguous territory between artist and audience sparks a creative energy. To do this the work must exist on several levels at once. It must be an invitation that provides permission to be involved. It must intrigue and provoke. It must be generous. The act of creation is a balancing act between autonomy and connectedness. Like a theater piece that is reinvented each time it is performed, I like the idea that the work is never actually completed but continually reinterpreted and refreshed through those who encounter it."

The new Guild show, Collective Vision, juried by Cynthia Roznoy, Curator at the Mattatuck Museum Arts & History Center, Waterbury, CT, incorporates three different themes. The first theme "Double Vision" focuses on the collaboration between pairs of artists. The pieces submitted by the artists function as a diptych (works that join together), as well as functioning as separate works of art. "Symbol and Reality" explores how we use symbols as language to communicate today, acknowledging that from Egyptian hieroglyphs to computer emoticons, we are surrounded by symbols. The third theme, "Impermanent Markings," explores mark making as the chosen means of artistic expression. Perhaps the most basic of artistic acts is drawing. From simple sketching to intensely labored works, drawing takes advantage of a variety of materials, including ink, pencil, charcoal and pastel.

In the ongoing celebration of Silvermine’s 90th anniversary, the historical exhibition Silvermine, Milestone Graphics and the American Print Renaissance, 1979-1989 consists of a selection of prints made by Guild members from Fairfield County during this time period. Prints exhibited by a selection of Guild Artist members, both past and present, include Ann Chernow, Alberta Cifolelli, Margaret McKinnick, Jack O’Hara, Bernard Riley, Barbara Rothenberg, Lucy Sallick and Harvey Weiss. All of these artists are connected through Milestone Graphics, the oldest fine art printmaking workshop in Connecticut, owned by Jim Reed, who at the time had the only local printmaking studio available. Jim Reed, a Guild Artist member, is serving as advisor.

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Artist reception Saturday for close of Vetrov show at West Cove Studio Gallery in West Haven

West Cove Studio Gallery
30 Elm St., West Haven, (203) 627-8030
Human Nature: Works by Katya Vetrov
Through Aug. 4, 2012.
Closing Reception: Sat., Aug. 4, 4—6 p.m.

Press release from West Cove Studio Gallery

There will be an artist's reception this Saturday at West Cove Studio Gallery to mark the closing of Human Nature, an exhibition of prints on the theme of natural life: organic forms, plants, animals, and people by artist Katya Vetrov.

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Jason Noushin installation opening reception Friday at Creative Arts Workshop

Creative Arts Workshop Hilles Gallery
80 Audubon St., New Haven, (203) 562-4927
Jason Noushin: UN{Common) Sense
Aug. 3—31, 2012.
Opening reception: Fri., Aug. 3, 5—6:30 p.m.

Press release from Creative Arts Workshop

Creative Arts Workshop (CAW) presents an installation by New Haven-based artist Jason Noushin, titled UN(Common) Sense, from Aug. 3—31, 2012. The installation is viewable from outside the CAW Hilles Gallery throughout the month. An opening reception will be held on Fri., Aug. 3, from 5—6:30 p.m.

Jason Noushin’s current work explores the power, influence and impact of money in zones of conflict, specifically the Bosnian War. The site-specific installation UN(Common) Sense is a visually rich re-creation of the Bosnian conflict, as viewed through the intimacy of a gallery window. Comprised of drawings and sculptures constructed entirely of now-worthless Bosnian and Yugoslavian paper currency, the installation includes a map of the region made with nearly 900 bills; a table and chair; briefcases filled with cash and a bicycle leaning against a wall, poised for flight.

Says Noushin, “We are told from an early age that money is the root of all evil; all immorality and wickedness can be traced back to money.” By combining the powerful symbolism of money with the horrors of war, this installation investigates the way a common currency—generally seen as a symbol of a united nation—takes on new significance in the minds of both criminal and victim during times of political, civil and economic unrest.

Creative Arts Workshop is a non-profit community art center devoted to fostering creativity through participation in and appreciation of the visual arts, serving the Greater New Haven area since 1961. Each year, CAW offers a wide range of classes in fully equipped studios to more than 2,000 adults and 1,000 young people, and more than 30,000 people visit exhibitions in CAW’s galleries. CAW is supported by its membership, tuition, donors, arts-related fundraising events and a dedicated group of volunteers. Additional funding comes from the Connecticut Office of the Arts.

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