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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Opening reception for Al Coyote Weiner at New NEST Art Center Saturday night

1720 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport
Crazy Quilt: the Human Condition—Artworks by Al Coyote Weiner
Sat., Oct. 8, 2011, 5—9 p.m.

Press release

"As an artist," Al Coyote Weiner writes, "I view life, nature, and the human condition as a crazy-quilt of interpretation and artistic choice. Some things, as superficial as a mouse entering an aperture, or the forces of nature determining our ultimate fate, are both integral to our journey.

"Irony, joy, love, and humor are some of the elements of the human trial. Hopefully, my aesthetic will broaden the viewers' perspective and enhance the freedom of choice. My wish is to employ my particular voice, and to achieve art that is fearless and uncompromising."

Actor, singer, writer, professor, and artist, Al Coyote Weiner has been involved in the art and entertainment world for over thirty years, from New York to Florida, and England. In the 60’s, he landed several minor acting roles, and secured a place with Lee Strasberg, a prominent acting coach, for lessons and advice.

Living in Coconut Grove, FL, he wrote and published his poetry, and then returned to the University of Bridgeport to study literature and writing. He furthered his studies in Europe after a Fulbright Scholarship offer for studies in India and Africa, earning his MACW in Creative Writing at Antioch International University, in Oxford and London, England. He creative work includes copywriting, songwriting, voice-overs, freelance articles, and screenwriting. His one-act play was accepted for production at the National Theater of Australia. He studied as a playwright at Yale Drama School, and served there as an adjunct professor in film studies. He has completed two albums of original, contemporary music.

Weiner has had 10 one-man shows, participated in group exhibitions, and been accepted for numerous juried shows.

Saturday's show will also include music presentations by Joseph Higgins (tonal keyboard) and Warren Bloom (guitar and harmonica).

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