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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Edgy photo show up through this Saturday

A-Space Gallery at West Cove Studios
30 Elm St., West Haven, (203) 627-8030
At The Edge of Things: Twenty-Four Photographers
Through Sept. 17, 2011.

At the Edge of Things is a rather open themed photographic show in the A-Space Gallery at West Cove Studios curated by Stephen Vincent Kobasa. Through Kobasa's eyes, the show is organized around poetic interpretations of the concept of "edge"—formalistic, emotional, sociological, political. These edges are more rough than smooth.

In work like Marion Belanger's "Rift #41," the white boundaries of an astroturfed miniature golf hole carve out the domesticated edge of nature, holding at bay unruly grasses and dandelions.

Phyllis Crowley's ominous "Moonlight" is a seascape of black water in the foreground rippled with lunar reflections. Clusters of clouds cloak the moon. The edge of the world—or horizon line—is just barely visible in the nocturnal murk.

A much different kind of edge is suggested by Paul Bloom's "Francisco Franco's Prison, Barcelona, Spain." The knife's edge of oppression and human suffering haunts this grainy image of a claustrophobic brick corridor with chains hanging from the ceiling.

There's more—much more—by many of the area's most respected photographers: James Ayers, Christopher Beauchamp, Joy Bush, Paul Duda, Ashley Estep, Joan Fitzsimmons, Andrew Hogan, Aniko Horvath, Keith Johnson, Clare Kobasa, Linda Lindroth, Eric Litke, Meredith Miller, Roy Money, Hank Paper, Thomas Peterson, Mark Savoia, Jess Smith, Maria Tupper, Marjorie Wolfe and Stefan Znosko.

The show is up through this Saturday, Sept. 17.

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