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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

One night only: Rough Around the Edges in Windsor on Friday

Rough Around the Edges Art
102 Skitchewaug St., Windsor, (860) 428-9792
Rough Around the Edges 2011
One Night Only: Fri., June 3, 2011. 6 p.m.—Midnight.

Press release

On the heels of last year’s success, Rough Around the Edges is again featuring local as well as non-local artists from across the U.S. and England. Last year’s one-day event brought folks from all over. The music was perfect, the artwork amazing and varied, and the food and drinks a perfect complement to the evening. One of the highlights of the evening included an eclectic and fun installation and the silent auction where nearly every work sold and raised a few hundred dollars for Autism Awareness.

Passion is the theme of this year’s unique and compelling one-day artistic event. Rough Around the Edges brings some of the most talented and prolific native Connecticut artists together with invited guest artists (Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon and Boston) to share their works and their passion for art The eclectic collection will include prints, paintings, sculptures, photography, short art films, installation and more. Live folk music, as well as instrumental world fusion, featuring John Parson, Heirlooms and String Theorie will add to the unique flavor of the show.

Participating artists are Alivia Atwood, Dean Batteson, Marc Burns, Christopher Creath, Francesco Cupolo, Elizabeth Dargie, Calla Donofrio, Jeff Fitzgerald, Heather Stabile Groenstein, Leonard Hellerman, Alexia Lalande, Catalina McKay, David McKay, Sarah McKay, Terese Newman, Landon Richmond, Andre Rochester, Matthew Francis Rubino, Molly Shaughnessy.

Those that appreciate art, self-expression and the creative process will not want to miss this exciting, albeit rough around the edges creative project. So get off your computer, get out of the house and join some of your fellow humans and explore the essence of Humanity, Anti-Apathy and Sincerity.

100% of all proceeds from the silent auction will go to the Connecticut Down Syndrome Congress.

As with last year, Rough Around the Edges is a one-night event on Fri., June 3, 2011 from 6 p.m.—Midnight. The schedule for the event can be found at the Rough Around the Edges Art Web site.

The work consists of oil paintings, acrylic paintings, photography, prints, collages, assemblages and structures. The works range from expressive, provocative, representative, landscapes, realism and irreverent art.

Admission is free. Bring your friends for a night of art, music and fun.



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