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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Art and Science Connections" opening Saturday night at the Hygienic

Hygienic Art
83 Bank St., P.O. Box 417, New London, (860) 443-8001
Art & Science Connections and Holography: Making Faces
Mar. 21—Apr. 14, 2009
Opening reception: Sat., Mar. 21, 7—10 p.m.

Press release

A not-to-be-missed interactive, educational experience for the whole family. By integrating art and science the artists of 73 Washington Street in New London, CT, paired with the fascinating and magical Holography of Paul Barefoot and Holophile, Inc. make for a spectacular event at Hygienic Art. Fill the senses with jolting images in this interactive, educational and entertaining experience of art and science. Please contact the gallery to schedule appointments for large groups.

Art & Science Connections • There are many who consider art and science to be separate and quite distinct ways of thinking about the world. In contrast to that, the artists of 73 Washington Street in New London present Art and Science Connections. Seven long-time artists who also have diverse professional backgrounds in science and technology present works that reflect the many ways those professions have influenced, enhanced and combined with their individual approaches to art. Small to very large pieces in the collection of photography, oil painting, watercolor, print, mixed media and digital display imagery depict a wide variety of subject matter including portraiture, landscape, still-life and computational abstractions.

The artists are:

Deborah Curtis • Software Technologist, Artist
Bernice Lord • Scuba Diver, Dive Shop Proprietor, Artist
Rich Nazzaro • Engineer, Artist
Mark Patnode • Artist, Teaching Artist
Annelie Skoog • Professor of Marine Sciences, PhD, Artist
Roger Tremblay • Electrical Engineer, PhD, Artist
Dennis Vargo • M.D., Safety Scientist, Artist

Holography: Making Faces • Inspired by American installation artist Bruce Nauman's 1968 holographic self-portrait of the same name, Making Faces introduces the many types of holography used to record images of people. This unique collection demonstrates the different holographic technologies and techniques that can be used to "make faces," including pulsed portraiture, integral stereograms, embossed and photo-polymer holograms that produce both still and moving images.

There will be an opening reception for both shows this Saturday evening, Mar. 21, from 7—10 p.m.


Blogger QuirkMuseum said...

Hi,I follow your CT Art Scene Blog and appreciate your reviews of the various area shows.

I have a few pieces in the show below and thought you might be able to check it out.

City Lights presents: This and That, the art of collage, assemblage and found objects.

March 26 to May 16, 2009

Complimentary wine tasting by Epernay Bistro at opening reception March 26, 5:30-8.

Thanks for supporting the CT Arts Scene.

12:33 PM


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