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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

ALL Arts & Literature Laboratory
Erector Square, 319 Peck St. Building 2, New Haven, (203) 671-5175
Random Access Memory: Colleen Tully and Liz Pagano
Mar. 31—Apr. 29, 2007.
Artists’ Reception: Sat., Apr. 7, 4–6 p.m.

Press release

Arts + Literature Laboratory (ALL), is proud to present a two-person exhibition of recent work by Liz Pagano and Colleen Tully, both of New Haven. In this show, each artist deals with the vagaries of memory, in very different ways and using different media.

For Pagano the mind is a tireless loop, constantly processing patterns of memory and thought. Not unlike the flickering view from a window of a fast moving train (disjointed yet fluid), it is the processing of memory or remembering and what triggers the remembering (a smell or a certain quality of light) that provide the focus for her work in this show. Pagano is a printmaker by nature who uses mostly traditional materials in non-traditional ways. They include the usual suspects of ink and paper; also, she combines wood, layers of Plexiglas and wax, creating images dreamlike in appearance, revealing moments and memories captured.

In a computer, Random Access Memory (RAM) allows data to be accessed in any order and returned instantly, regardless of its physical location. Tully's work addresses a similar instantaneous return of (human) memory, haphazard and impetuous. Once activated, Tully explores her memories in minute detail, if worth keeping (or storing); she blows-up, delves behind, and explores the interstices of the tangible in hopes of accessing the intangible. Tully is a painter who uses computer technology freely in her work; as well as mixed media, including watercolors, markers, Mylar, and digitally manipulated images (childhood Polaroids, and maps to cemetery diagrams) printed on transparent film and layered on Plexiglas and/or paper.

There will be an artist’s reception at the gallery this Saturday from 4—6 p.m.


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