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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Grand opening Thursday at Mandala Gallery

Azoth Gallery
224 College St., New Haven, (203) 777-5400
Mandala Gallery: Art, Gifts and Apparel from Nepal, India, Tibet and other countries
Grand opening Oct. 26, 7-8:30 p.m.

Press release

Mandalas are circular sacred spaces occupied by the main deity in the center, protector deities in the four directions, and a host of other celestial beings outside the inner geometric circle. A mandala is a cosmogram, an idealized map of the universe. Psychologically, it is a tool for integration. Spiritually, it is a meditation for focusing the mind.

Thankas are portable paintings, or rarely, embroideries, depicting Buddhist deities (Buddhas, Protectors, and Bodhisattvas) and venerated teachers (lamas) often with a halo or a body nimbus, in a highly symbolic landscape, seated or standing on lotus thrones, holding emblems such as the vajra (dorje).

The Thanka landscape represents either one of t1he heavenly realms, or a transfigured earth. It is populated by puffy white clouds, valleys, mountains, trees, lakes, monasteries, pagodas, birds, fish, animals. Fierce protector deities, such as Mahâkâla or Kâlarûpa, are surrounded by a circle of flames.

In the Buddhist art of Tibet and Nepal, the ideals of the "good," the "beautiful-spiritual life" and art - have a long intertwined history that goes back to the Paleolithic. We can see the extraordinary relationship between the pursuit of spiritual realization and aesthetic expression.

Grand opening sponsored by Azoth Gallery. For more information, please contact Johnes Ruta Promotions and Graphics. (203) 387-4933.


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